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H&P Historians to speak at Dulwich Picture Gallery

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Dulwich Picture Gallery
PHOTO: Dulwich Picture Gallery

History & Policy's Co-Founder Prof. Alastair Reid and Director Dr. Andrew Blick will be speaking at Dulwich Picture Gallery as part of the gallery's 2016 Contextual Lecture Series: Taking Liberties.

Andrew Blick, who will be speaking on Tuesday 19th April, will host a lecture entitled The Future of the UK Constitution. During his lecture, Dr. Blick will use history as a means of explaining the way we are governed today, and how we might be governed in future.

Alastair Reid will host a lecture entitled Trade Unions and the British Tradition of Pluralism on Tuesday 24th May. Prof. Reid's lecture will examine Trade Unions' pre-Industrial Revolution origin and explain how Unions were in fact originally founded in the spirt of self-help and liberalism, rather than socialism.  

Tickets cost £12 (or £10 for Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery) and can be purchased directly through the Dulwich Picture Gallery website: 

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