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What can the 40th anniversary of Sunningdale reveal about dealing with Northern Ireland’s past?

As the 20th anniversary of the IRA ceasefire approaches, and 40 years after Sunningdale, the first power-sharing agreement, Dr Cillian McGrattan, of the University of Ulster, considers the role of history in...

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How should we commemorate wars? Lessons from the nineteenth century

Commemoration of war has always been politicised. Nineteenth-century experiences in Britain and Europe show that limited state involvement in war remembrance enables meaningful expression of multiple memories by...

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Opinion Articles

The Health and Safety at Work Act, 40 years on

History shows that hackneyed rhetoric about 'health and safety gone mad' fails to understand the benefits of the 1974 Act, which has saved untold numbers of lives since it was passed 40 years ago this week....

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The Working Women’s Charter 40 Years On

This one day event will celebrate the 1974 Working Women’s Charter, explore the many challenges that working women in Britain still face, and spark ideas about how these might be overcome. Speakers include...

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500 years of birthing history

Hear the long view of birth and its implications for policy today from Professor Simon Szreter at a public lecture on 18 September, 5pm, at Leeds University. 

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No. 10 Guest Historian Series

H&P is working in partnership with the Prime Minister's Office and the National Archives to help revitalise the history content of the new History of Government Blog website.

H&P commissions and edits the No. 10 Guest Historian series, written by expert historians from the H&P network, as well as creating lively new biographies of previous Prime Ministers.

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