Policy Papers

History matters… but which one? Every refugee crisis has a context

Today's European refugee crisis is often compared to the exodus catalysed by the Nazi regime or the Cold War. Jessica Reinisch argues that the flight of Syrians, Eritreans and others is only superficially similar...

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‘For God’s sake, act like Britain’ Lessons from the 1960s for British defence policy

Policy makers today need to balance proliferating military responsibilities on modest budgets. [if !supportAnnotations]Longinotti considers the lessons from the 1960s when the Wilson Government found itself in a...

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Opinion Articles

Slow progress towards the vote for Saudi women

The gradual spread of representative democracy for men and women in Arabian and Gulf countries is not unusual or characteristic only of Muslim societies, according to Jad Adams who compares and contrasts...

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‘Just a chap who messed about in the lab’: Fred Sanger and DNA sequencing

Fred Sanger won two Nobel Prizes. Dr Lara Marks argues that the freedom to think and time to experiment were vital to his groundbreaking discoveries. In today's hypercharged academic worlds, such...

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Historian case studies launched

Three new case studies highlight the benefits historians have gained from engaging with policy makers, at a time when academics are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the relevance and impact of their...

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Music education and the abuse of young people: historians and sociologists meet music policymakers

A collaboration between H&P historian Dr Lucy Delap (Cambridge University), sociologist Dr Anna Bull (King’s College London) and historical musicologist Dr Ian Pace (City University) led to an intensive...

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The Oxford School of Industrial Relations conference

Nuffield College, Oxford
10am-6pm + dinner

Historians, trade unionists and politicians explore the legacy of the 'Oxford School' of industrial relations, 50 years after the 1965 Donovan Commission.

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H&P works with historians on the policy engagement elements of funded research projects. We broker exchanges with policy makers and shapers in order to make research accessible and to maximise its impact. Currently, H&P is involved in three projects on a costed basis.

Agents of future promise

With their apparent innocence and potential as future citizens, children have often been used by adults to represent a particular notion of the future. Led by Dr Laura King (Leeds), Dr Vicky Crewe (Cardiff), and Dr Lindsey Dodd (Huddersfield), this AHRC-funded project explores how, why and with what effects children have been ideologically used in British and French history, from the late 19th century to the post-war era. With Save the Children and War Child, the project will also consider how past insights can influence present practice.

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Imagining markets

This AHRC-funded research network examines conceptions of Europe, Empire, Commonwealth and China in Britain’s economic future since 1900 - a tumultuous period characterised by debates about free trade v. protectionism, the decline of the imperial economy and rise of the European Union. Led by Dr David Thackeray, Professor Andrew Thompson and Professor Richard Toye (all Exeter), the network connects historical and contemporary ways of thinking about Britain’s future global economic orientation. The implications for Britain’s trade and investment in the Commonwealth today will be explored with policy makers.

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Historical child sex abuse

Given current concerns about the extent of sexual abuse in the past, how might historians contribute to our understanding of what went wrong and prevent future mistakes? This ESRC-funded project, undertaken by a team of researchers - Lucy Delap (Cambridge), Dr Louise Jackson and Dr Louise Settle (Edinburgh) and Dr Adrian Bingham (Sheffield) aims to inform and contextualise present-day debates in Britain by examining key moments over the last 100 years when abuse reached public awareness through media, criminal justice or policy.

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H&P is a unique collaboration between the Institute of Contemporary British History at King's College London and the University of Cambridge.

We are the only project in the UK providing access to an international network of more than 500 historians with a broad range of expertise. H&P offers a range of resources for historians, policy makers and journalists.

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