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History of money, barter and alternative currencies: what lessons does history offer? Nicholas Mayhew, Craig Muldrew and Mark Roodhouse
7 November 2011

As part of a series of policy-relevant seminars co-organised with the Cabinet Office and Efficiency and Reform Group, H&P convened a trio of historians to explore the nature of money and process of monetisation; the changing role of credit and the role of trust; and alternative forms and spheres of exchange. 

‘Big Society’ seminar: Kate Bradley, Jose Harris, Matthew Hilton, John Mohan, Simon Szreter, Pat Thane, Karl Wilding
15 June 2010

H&P was invited by the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit to convene a group of expert historians to inform their work on the government's 'Big Society' agenda. The seminar explored changes in the relationship between the state and the voluntary sector and changes in people's engagement with civic society. 

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