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Are employment rates of disabled people “at the highest level since records began”?

Lucy Delap shows that the history of disabled employment may not be the steady upward progression the government would like to suggest

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Too long ago? Orgreave and the challenge of understanding the past

Lucy Delap argues that inquiries into recent historical events are vital for full understanding, lesson learning and public trust.

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“The City of Steel”: Port Talbot’s Steel Industry, from ‘Treasure Island’ to Crisis

As the Tata Steel controversy continues, Bleddyn Penny looks at the historic role the steel industry has played in shaping Port Talbot's community. 

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When do Doctors Strikes end? A perspective from 1975

As the junior doctors’ strike continues, Jack Saunders takes a historical look at how the current industrial dispute may be resolved.  

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The Health and Safety at Work Act, 40 years on

History shows that hackneyed rhetoric about 'health and safety gone mad' fails to understand the benefits of the 1974 Act, which has saved untold numbers of lives since it was passed 40 years ago this week. Dr Mike Esbester of Portsmouth University investigates. 

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Bob Crow: effective industrial leader, naive politician?

The puzzling aspect of Bob Crow's astute union leadership was his far less effective political career, argues Dr Jim Moher, of H&P's Trade Union Forum. In the wake of the RMT leader's premature death, Dr Moher examines his early political influences, the history of the union he led, and the missed opportunities of alienation from the Labour Party.

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Is Ed Miliband taking political funding back to 1927?

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BA cabin crew: the new London dockers?

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