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Are employment rates of disabled people “at the highest level since records began”?

Lucy Delap shows that the history of disabled employment may not be the steady upward progression the government would like to suggest

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Brexit and the great British breakfast

James P. Bowen and John Martin identify the agricultural sector's challenges - seasonal fruit-pickers are the best publicised part of the problem, but the permanent workforce will be affected too.

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Britain’s hundred-year housing crisis: a century of uneven spending

Peter Shapely shows how housing policy initiatives since 1919 have been sunk by the same problem of investment disappearing in lean periods, and suggests housing should be a basic constant spending priority alongside health.

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The 2017 General Election in history

As the dust settles on the outcome of the 2017 General Election, Martin Farr looks at other key moments of electoral uncertainty and uneasy coalition.

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After Grenfell, what can we learn from the housing policies of the 1970s?

David Ellis suggests the 30-year-old consensus on what makes for politically acceptable housing policy may be breaking down in the way of the Grenfell disaster - opening the door to policies last employed in the 1970s.

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Lessons from the Grenfell Tower disaster: the historic failures of the state in fire safety

The role of the state in fire safety is not a settled matter - Shane Ewen shows how improved fire safety has tended to follow a preventable disaster in the past, so the lessons for policy makers, following a recent period of deregulation, should be clear.

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The Grenfell fire and the destruction of the British council estate

Sam Wetherell shows how the original unified vision of council estate architects was picked apart by housing legislation in the 1980s and 1990s, resulting in the patchwork of managing bodies we see today.

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The Blitz can show us how to respond to a tragedy

Henry Irving shows that government was willing to learn lessons in 1940 about its own unprepared response to destruction and homelessness - can the government of today learn the same lessons when responding to tragedy?

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Prince Harry and the history of mental health stigma policy

Chris Millard traces the history of policy designed to tackle stigma, contextualising both "celebrity" action and the mooted scrapping of the Mental Health Act 1983.

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What does British imperial economic history tell us about the future of UK-EU trading relations?

David Clayton lays out the options for Britain’s post-Brexit trading relations, and assesses the preferred option in the light of imperial economic history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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