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Only out to save themselves? Charity regulation in historical perspective

Sarah Roddy, Julie-Marie Strange & Bertrand Taithe suggest that recent controversies surrounding charitable fundraising may have their historical precedents in Victorian and Edwardian England. 

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Sunday Blues: Conservatives, Religion and Party Identity

N. C. Fleming argues that the recent Conservative backbench revolt on Sunday Trading Laws is indicative of the party's historic identification with Christianity.

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Britain and Europe: An Uneasy History?

Prof. Robert Tombs offers an historical explanation of Britain's uneasy relationship with European integration. 

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A Policy Widely Abused: The Origins of the “No Platform” Policy of the National Union of Students

Dr Evan Smith examines the history of the use - and misuse - of the "No Platform" policy

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The historical lessons for income tax policy

Rather than unilaterally imposing new taxes on the wealthy, Isabela Mares and Didac Queralt argue that history shows income tax has previously been used to keep them on board.

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Planning for the referendum and after: Lessons from 1975

David Thackeray looks at the historical context of the 1975 EEC referendum and asks what lessons pollsters and civil servants can learn from it. 

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“Afghanistan’s armies past and present”: An update

Stephanie Cronin revisits her earlier policy paper and asks what progress has been made with Afghanistan's armed forces? 

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The Generals and the EU Referendum

Ann Lyon places General Sir Michael Rose's recent comments on the EU referendum in a historical context.

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Football Ticket Prices: Some Lessons from History

Football fans across the United Kingdom are becoming increasingly vocal about rising ticket prices. Martin Johnes & Matthew Taylor offer a historical perspective.  

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When do Doctors Strikes end? A perspective from 1975

As the junior doctors’ strike continues, Jack Saunders takes a historical look at how the current industrial dispute may be resolved.  

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