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Women Against State Pension Inequality: a distraction from deeper problems

The campaign group Women Against State Pension Inequality argue that discrimination against a generation of women has taken place. Hugh Pemberton suggests this may be a distraction from the deeper and broader problems with the pension system.

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GCHQ - a new authorised history

The first official history of GCHQ - Britain's most secretive secret service - will be published in 2019. Dan Lomas and Chris Murphy examine the context for the decision and the consequences for historiography.

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Why haven’t we had a female Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police before now?

Louise Jackson places Cressida Dick's recent appointment in the context of the history of women policing over the last hundred years.

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The President’s speech

Nigel Fletcher shows that this is not the first time a US President's proposed visit to the UK has become deeply controversial

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Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe’s strategic vision

Erika Tominaga suggests that the advent of Donald Trump could be very good news for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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‘Leading the world?’ The historical fantasy of May’s vision for post-Brexit Britain

Matthew Grant assesses Theresa May's Philadelphia speech - what does it show us about her inadequate grasp of the history of British international affairs?

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Lost in translation: Brexit and the Anglo-German relationship

Helene von Bismarck argues that British Prime Ministers have fundamentally misunderstood what the European project means to Germany

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The Investigatory Powers Act - a break with the past?

David Vincent asks whether the so-called 'Snooper's Charter' is really unprecedented in the history of surveillance and security legislation

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Too long ago? Orgreave and the challenge of understanding the past

Lucy Delap argues that inquiries into recent historical events are vital for full understanding, lesson learning and public trust.

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The contentious history of pregnancy test drugs: will science find its own path to the truth?

Hormone Pregnancy Test (HPT) drugs are currently the subject of a government inquiry. Jesse Olszynko-Gryn suggest that consideration of the historical context is vital for a full understanding.

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