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H&P encourages historians to use their expertise to shed light on issues of the day. The H&P office can help historians to publish Opinion Articles in the national media or on this website. We currently have 175 Opinion Articles listed by date and they are all freely searchable by theme, author or keyword.

The General and the Leader of the Opposition: Corbyn and constitutional convention

Critics claim  General Sir Nicholas Houghton's recent comments on Corbyn's nuclear policy breached a constitutional convention. Ann Lyon explores whether or not such an accusation has any basis in constitutional law. 

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Men, mental health and suicide in the UK: The importance of the long view

Despite the male suicide rate is now more than three times higher than the female rate, precious little has been done to tackle the stigma amongst men of discussing mental health issues. Dr. Ali Hagget asks why. 

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Councils and Synods: Reforming the Catholic Church in the digital age

Dr. Alana Harris looks at the developments of the recent Synod of the Family and shows how the institution can revitalise itself to make it relevant for the Digital Age.

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The Shadow Cabinet

Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet choices have proved controversial. Martin Farr traces the changeable history of the Shadow Cabinet, and assesses Corbyn's political room to maneouvre.

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Slow progress towards the vote for Saudi women

The gradual spread of representative democracy for men and women in Arabian and Gulf countries is not unusual or characteristic only of Muslim societies, according to Jad Adams who compares and contrasts Saudi Arabia and the UK's enfranchisement of men and women. 

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‘Just a chap who messed about in the lab’: Fred Sanger and DNA sequencing

Fred Sanger won two Nobel Prizes. Dr Lara Marks argues that the freedom to think and time to experiment were vital to his groundbreaking discoveries. In today's hypercharged academic worlds, such opportunities are increasingly rare. 

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Overlooked scientific innovation reaps rewards 40 years on

Dr Lara Marks recounts an overlooked scientific development that has revolutionised healthcare today. The story of monoclonal antibodies underlines the long-term value of government investment in science, she argues.

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Two-tier system

Gender parity may been achieved in some British honours but Dr Toby Harper, of Providence College, explains how changes to the system in recent years have made it more hierarchical and unequal. 

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Historians for Britain and the ‘historical perspective’ on Europe

As debate about controversial political issues such as Europe accelerates, Dr Tom Charlton challenges historians to acknowledge the contestabilty of their interpretations - particularly when used to advocate for political ends.

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The political art of duelling

Dr Margery Masterson, of the University of Bristol, considers lessons from the etiquette and politics of nineteenth-century duelling in light of a curious challenge to UKIP leader Nigel Farage. 

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