Parenting Forum

The Forum seeks to bring together historians with policy-makers, practitioners and researchers into parenting in order to examine ways in which the history of parenting can influence policies and practice today.

The Parenting Forum is convened by Dr Angela Davis (Warwick), Dr Laura King (Leeds) and Dr Jenny Crane (Warwick), who have a mix of interests in histories of health, gender, family, childhood and social policy. They are supported by a wider board – find out more here.

Key aims of the forum include:

  • Providing evidence of policy initiatives that have and haven’t worked in the past providing a corrective to sweeping assumptions in the media;
  • Challenging stereotypes around men and women’s ’natural’ or historical roles in the
  • Exploring why certain developments in policy and individual behaviour have taken place;
  • Reacting to issues raised by forum members working in policy and practice.

The Forum runs regular events, often at Warwick University, at which historians, policy makers and practitioners can come together to discuss these issues.


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