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Historical messages emerging from Ukraine: autocrats, information, and the cost of freedom

Although the invasion of Ukraine will evoke memories of the suffering imposed on its people by the regime of Joseph Stalin, in an age of smartphones Vladimir Putin lacks Stalin's ability to control the flow of information. Members of the Russian military know they are likely to be held to account, and that their actions in Ukraine will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

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India’s worst affected: the socio-economic parallels between influenza (1918-19) and Covid-19 in Mumbai

Mrunmayee Satam shows that mortality rates in the influenza epidemic of 1918-19 differed startlingly by caste in Mumbai, and the same risks remain today in the city's most congested quarters, where social distancing and self-quarantine is all but impossible

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The President’s speech

Nigel Fletcher shows that this is not the first time a US President's proposed visit to the UK has become deeply controversial

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Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe’s strategic vision

Erika Tominaga suggests that the advent of Donald Trump could be very good news for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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Failed Black Sea Treaties - then and now

Russian expansion and a disregarded treaty - Hugh Small shows how the situation in Ukraine and Crimea today compares closely to that of 150 years ago.

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The Dutch 2016 Referendum: Voice, No Exit

Looking at the recent history of the Dutch EU-Ukraine referendum, Prof. Joop van Holsteyn & Tom Louwerse suggest how British voters are likely to interpret the forthcoming EU referendum. 

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“United in Diversity”? - A view from Greenland

Prof. Jens Wendel-Hansen looks back at Greenland's decision to leave the EEC and asks what lessons can be drawn for Britain's future in the European Union. 

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“Afghanistan’s armies past and present”: An update

Stephanie Cronin revisits her earlier policy paper and asks what progress has been made with Afghanistan's armed forces? 

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How history can help us think about corruption and anticorruption

On International Anti-Corruption Day (9th December), André Vitória & Ronald Kroeze show how history can be used in the modern day fight against corruption.  

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Slow progress towards the vote for Saudi women

The gradual spread of representative democracy for men and women in Arabian and Gulf countries is not unusual or characteristic only of Muslim societies, according to Jad Adams who compares and contrasts Saudi Arabia and the UK's enfranchisement of men and women. 

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