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The need for a new National Food Policy: food supply problems during national emergencies

Supply chain inadequacies and agricultural worker shortages - the Covid crisis is highlighting the lack of a coherent and integrated national food policy, say John Martin and James P. Bowen

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Chlorinated chicken, the European ‘museum of farming’ and the agricultural revolution of the future

John Martin and James P. Bowen take issue with claims that a 'museum of farming' approach by the EU has constrained British agriculture - which has been strongly innovative while maintaining high welfare standards

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Brexit and the great British breakfast

James P. Bowen and John Martin identify the agricultural sector's challenges - seasonal fruit-pickers are the best publicised part of the problem, but the permanent workforce will be affected too.

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The poor still can’t cook

Initial responses to the recent All-Party Parliamentary report, Feeding Britain, reveal that the poorest in society face similar economic difficulties – and attitudes – to those found a century ago. Jennifer Doyle explores public debates about food and women during the First World War. 

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Break the taboo on horsemeat - or food fraud will continue

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Liberal manoeuvring in the real green economy

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