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The Generals and the EU Referendum

Ann Lyon places General Sir Michael Rose's recent comments on the EU referendum in a historical context.

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How history can help us think about corruption and anticorruption

On International Anti-Corruption Day (9th December), André Vitória & Ronald Kroeze show how history can be used in the modern day fight against corruption.  

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The General and the Leader of the Opposition: Corbyn and constitutional convention

Critics claim  General Sir Nicholas Houghton's recent comments on Corbyn's nuclear policy breached a constitutional convention. Ann Lyon explores whether or not such an accusation has any basis in constitutional law. 

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Military working dogs, past, present and future

They were messengers in the First World War, jumped over Normandy on D Day and detected mines in Afghanistan and Iraq. Military working dogs have played a key role in conflicts and been decorated for their service in the British Armed Forces. As Kim Brice of King's College London explains, they are likely to remain a mainstay. 

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Historical method and international crises: weapons of mass destruction in Syria

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Reagan vs. Thatcher:  unpicking the special relationship

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Tripoli, the American national anthem and an old drinking song

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The Government must remember Britain’s naval traditions

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Dr Liam Fox: More Palmerston than Blair?

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Nuclear elections

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