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The European Referendum: historical perspectives with Professor Vernon Bogdanor and Lord Butler of Brockwell

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At this event, renowned expert on the United Kingdom constitution, Prof. Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Research Professor at the Institute of Contemporary British History, will talk about the forthcoming European referendum on Monday 9 May, 6pm at the Strand Campus, King's College London.

He will discuss the contemporary issues and use an historical perspective, considering parallels with the referendum on continued UK membership of the European Economic Community, held in 1975.

Prof. Bogdanor's respondent will be Lord Butler of Brockwell, who was a Private Secretary to the UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson at the time of the 1975 referendum, and subsequently a Cabinet Secretary under three further prime ministers, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair.

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This event is organised by the Institute of Contemporary British History and History & Policy.

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