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History & Policy participates in BIS Policy week

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PHOTO: Dr. Andrew Blick, Director of H&P (second left) talking at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 'Policy Week'.

History & Policy recently took part in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 'Policy Week', as part of a session entitled 'Policy Making: Why Should We Care?', attended by a variety of departmental staff.

Prof. Richard Roberts, Director of the Institute of Contemporary British History, King's College London, spoke on 'Financial Crisis - a historical perspective'. Prof. Andrew Thompson (University of Exeter) considered 'The History of Trade'; while Dr. Andrew Blick (Director, H&P) addressed 'The Value of History in Policy Making'.

Other contributors included Chris Wormald, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Education and Head of Civil Service Policy Profession.

Dr. Blick said: 'We are noticing an increased awareness within Whitehall of the potential value of history to policy-making. It is vital that those of us working within the historical discipline engage with the engagement opportunities that are emerging, for our own benefit, that of policy-makers, and of wider society. I am therefore delighted that H&P is being asked to take part in these kinds of events.'

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