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History & Policy Parenting Forum unveils new-look website

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PHOTO: History & Policy Parenting Forum logo

The History & Policy Parenting Forum is delighted to unveil its new-look website. As well as maintaining its History & Policy microsite, convenors of the Forum will use this website to promote their events and blog entries.

Jennifer Crane, the Forum’s Website Manager, commented: “Our relaunch comes at a time when parenting is a hotly contested issue in media and politics.  Debates around 'attachment parenting', 'green parenting', and even 'snowplough parenting', for example, are shaped by different notions of 'the good parent', and broader assumptions about childhood, social life, the role of the state, and intervention from medicine and social work.  The History & Policy Parenting Forum provides a virtual space where policy-makers, practitioners, and academics from all disciplines can discuss the changing influences on, and significance of, parenting and parenting policy over time, using history to inform and problematise current debates.”

Be sure to update your bookmarks and check out the new website here:

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