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History & Policy author’s warning to the Treasury

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Economic historian and History & Policy author, Dr Charles Read, has been cast in the role of Cassandra by the press coverage of Liz Truss's attempted rescue of her reputation. He has been quoted in the cover story of Monday's Guardian newspaper, as well as by the London Evening Standard, the Financial Timesthe iPoliticoTimes RadioLBC, the East Anglian Bylines TimesAPNews and the National World, concerning a paper he sent to Kwasi Kwarteng, the then chancellor, and the talk he gave to civil servants before last September's mini budget, based on his historical research, warning about the danger of a financial crisis being brought about by budget measures that pushed up interest rates faster than they would otherwise rise.

The paper he sent to Kwasi Kwarteng on September 8th was later published by History & Policy on September 21st.

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