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Historians provide evidence to Jimmy Savile investigations

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As part of the NHS and Department of Health investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile, H&P historians gave historical evidence at a special forum at King's College London in May 2013. 

Independent overseer, Kate Lampard commissioned H&P to provide insight into the culture and issues that formed the background to Jimmy Savile's life and his activities on NHS premises.

Ms Lampard said: 'History & Policy provided invaluable insight into the parameters of acceptable behaviour, societal norms and the culture of the NHS in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s that was shared with investigators at Broadmoor, Leeds General Infirmary and Stoke Mandeville hospitals.'

'This common understanding helped all three organisations avoid hindsight bias and added significantly to the rigour, thoroughness and fairness of their investigation reports.'


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