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February and March History & Policy Events

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Registration is now open for the upcoming History & Policy events:

History and Institutional Memory: Official, Authorised and Internal Histories in Perspective
25 February 2022 | 12:30 - 14:00 GMT

Histories commissioned by government, either for general publication or for purely internal use, have long been seen as an important means of capturing ‘institutional memory’ and learning from the past. Yet as the Chief Historian of the FCDO, Patrick Salmon notes in a recent open-access monograph (see below), professional historians have sometimes viewed the genre with considerable scepticism. This round table discussion examines the nature of official, authorised and internal histories from the perspectives of those who have been involved in producing and using them within Whitehall, and of historians who have written about them. The issues it seeks to explore include:

  • The opportunities and risks of working closely with government to generate historical accounts
  • The extent to which authorised and in-house histories diverge from conventional works of academic history
  • The philosophical and methodological issues raised by the attempt to ‘learn lessons from history’
  • The future of this field of history in the twenty-first century

Consulting employees: past, present and future
15 March 2022 | 18:00 - 20:00 GMT

It’s 20 years since the European Union adopted its Directive* on informing and consulting employees across the member states. It became law in the UK in 2005 through the Information and Consultation (ICE) of Employees Regulations, and was phased in to cover all companies with 50 or more workers from 2008, amounting to around 75% of the total workforce.
The seminar opens with a brief examination of the role of works councils across Europe, against which the aims of the Directive must be understood. It then explains trade union expectations of the Directive at the time and the current situation across Europe, before leading into more detailed analyses of its implementation and impact in Ireland and the UK. There will be ample time for observations and discussion at the end. 

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