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CSaP Annual Conference 2015

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CSaP Annual Conference 2015: How can government make better use of expertise and evidence from the humanities?

The annual conference will explore opportunities for improving the way government accesses, assesses and makes use of expertise from the humanities, and offer examples of the significant contribution these disciplines have made to public policy.

Since it was founded in 2009, CSaP has spun out a remarkable network of experts and decision-makers – a unique community of academics and policy makers collaborating in an innovative environment, building relationships based on understanding, respect and trust, and contributing to the production of policy-relevant evidence and expertise.

Panel discussion topics include:

  • The multiple dimensions of climate change
  • Understanding the finacial future with lessons from the past
  • The place of the humanities in dealing with conflict
  • The role of evidence and analysis in effective policy making

Who should attend?

This conference has been designed for an audience of policy makers, academics, business leaders and early-career researchers who have an interest in the relationship between science and policy.

Cost of attending

The cost of attending is £50 with a reduced rate for researchers and students:

Standard cost - £50
Academics - £25
Students and postdocs - £10


To register your attendance, please click here (This link will take you through to the University of Cambridge online store).

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