Writing the History of Secret Intelligence

Travels in the Missing Dimension: writing official histories of secret intelligence (Gill Bennett)

Politics and the History of British Intelligence in the Second World War (Declan O’Reilly)

IHR Seminar SeriesOfficial History: Past, Present and Future


Writing the History of Britain’s Atomic Energy and Weapons Programme

Whence cometh Official Histories? The case of the development of the British fission and fusion nuclear bombs in Australia (Sue Roff)

Margaret Gowing’s Britain and Atomic Energy, 1939-1945 (Matthew Jones)

IHR Seminar Series: Official History: Past, Present and Future


Writing the History of the Special Operations Executive

Speakers: Rod Bailey (University of Oxford), John Peaty (former MoD)

  • On Writing an Official History of SOE in Italy (Rod Bailey)
  • MRD Foot’s SOE in France (John Peaty)

IHR Seminar SeriesOfficial History: Past, Present and Future


Writing the Authorised Histories of British Intelligence

Speakers: Tony Comer (former GCHQ Historian), Chris Baxter (Government Historian) and Mark Seaman (Government Historian)

  • Behind the Enigma: How GCHQ's Authorised History Appeared (Tony Comer)
  • Writing the Authorised History of SIS (Chris Baxter and Mark Seaman)

IHR Seminar SeriesOfficial History: Past, Present and Future


European Works Councils: The Effects of Brexit

Speakers: Catherine Barnard (University of Cambridge) and Jonathan Hayward (UNITE the Union)

Catherine Barnard: Brexit and the Legal Challenges facing European Works Councils Catherine will address the main legal challenges that confront European works councils following Brexit, particularly those located in UK multinational companies. These include their changed status under UK legislation, as well as the effects that UK withdrawal has on the calculation of company size thresholds that trigger inclusion under the term of the EWC Directives.

Catherine Barnard has been Professor of EU Law and Employment Law at Trinity College, Cambridge, since 2008. She is the author of European Union Law (2020) and The Substantive Law of the European Union: The Four Freedoms (2019), among many other publications, and Senior Fellow in the UK in a Changing Europe project. She is a regular contributor to radio and television programmes on the impact of Brexit.

Jonathan Hayward: Brexit and the Practical Challenges facing European Works Councils
Jonathan will consider the main practical challenges that Brexit has created for the functioning of EWCs, particularly for the continuation of those based in UK multinationals, the continued participation of UK employees within the scope of EWCs, challenges for UK employees/reps in the future and the responses from Unite and its European allies.

Jonathan Hayward is an experienced International Officer in UNITE the Union who has an extensive level of knowledge in the area of European industrial relations and European works councils. Jonathan is a recognised lead expert negotiator in EWC negotiations and has negotiated EWC agreements under various EU member state laws and more recently under Irish law due to the impact of Brexit. He also acts as trade union expert/coordinator to a number of EWCs on behalf of the European Trade Union Federations, including International Airlines Group (IAG), GE Aviation and Swissport.

IHR Seminar Series: History & Policy Trade Union Forum

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