Promoting democracy: past and present lessons for Iran, Egypt and beyond

The future of UK labour law

Speaker Series: Sir Thomas Legg - government and the rule of law

Sir Thomas Legg reflects on his career in the Lord Chancellor’s Department that spanned nearly 40 years between 1989 and his retirement in 1998, where he held the posts of Permanent Secretary and Clerk of the Crown in Chancery.

Flexible work and its consequences: historical perspectives

Nearly one million workers in the UK are on zero-hour contracts. A further five million are nominally self-employed. In modern Britain, flexibility is often presented as a way of reconciling pressures between work and family life.

The Contested History of Hormone Pregnancy Tests

This one-day conference explores the contested history of Primodos, a controversial drug that was used for pregnancy testing in the 1950s-70s, and whether the UK government should have banned it soon after doctors first warned in 1967 that it may have been causing birth defects.

Organised by Jesse Olszynko-Gryn with support from the Wellcome Trust, History & Policy, and Generation to Reproduction.

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