Global Economics and History Forum

This new forum aims to bring together academics, business groups, policy makers and the public interested in how understandings of historical trade relations can inform current policy debates. In so doing, it builds on History & Policy’s existing collaboration with the AHRC Imagining Markets network. Forthcoming events include policy workshops and public seminars focused on the connections between Britain’s historical trade relations and contemporary trade challenges such as the EU referendum. In collaboration with the Centre for Imperial and Global History at the University of Exeter, the forum will also publish opinion articles and policy papers on how economic history can inform international trade discussions of topical interest.

Commonwealth Trade after Brexit: historical reflections

Based on historical experiences, what economic opportunities might the Commonwealth of Nations offer a post-Brexit Britain? This roundtable event brought together historians, business groups, trade experts and think tanks to explore the historical context.

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New directions in the history of imperial and global networks

History & Policy director Dr Andrew Blick will give a policy and public engagement seminar at the Global Economics and History forum's forthcoming Early Career Researcher workshop on 23 June 2017.

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Brexit and food prices: the legacy of the Hungry Forties

Professor Anthony Howe (UEA), Dr Sarah Richardson (Warwick), Lindsay Aqui (QMUL) and Geoff Tansey (Curator, The Food Academy) take us through the history of food poverty and the politics of prices at the Global Economics and History Forum's round table event

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“The City (or London Business), the Commonwealth, and Europe Past Present & Future” - 3rd June 2016

H&P Global Economics & History Forum to participate in London Metropolitan Archives event "The City (or London Business), the Commonwealth, and Europe: Past, Present, Future" on Friday, 3 June 2016 from 12:30 to 16:30.

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History & Policy Global Economics and History Forum Launch

Marc-William Palen and David Thackeray

What do Donald Trump and Brexit have in common? No, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke. The answer is Britain’s imperial past. The launch of the forum on 14th April gave us a chance to consider some of these questions with an audience representing chambers of commerce, business groups and academics. 

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H&P is based at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, University of London.

We are the only project in the UK providing access to an international network of more than 500 historians with a broad range of expertise. H&P offers a range of resources for historians, policy makers and journalists.

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