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  • This event has passed.

    OU OpenTALKS: British imperialist visions of Islamic states


    The Open University is running a series of short online public lectures in 2019 focussed on the ways that our view of the past and the present interact. 

  • This event has passed.
    Trade Union and Employment Forum

    In Place of Strife (1969): Trade Union legal rights & responsibilities revisited

    Modern Records Centre, Warwick University

    The conflict between the Harold Wilson Labour Government and the trade unions over Barbara Castle's 1969 White Paper ‘In Place of Strife’ was one of the pivotal moments of post-war British Industrial Relations. In response to Peter Dorey’s new book Comrades in Conflict: Labour, the Trade Unions and 1969's In Place of Strife, this seminar has two parts. In the morning there is a historical reassessment of the political episode. In the afternoon, we consider the implications for current Labour Party policy on trade unions.

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