Trade Union and Employment Forum: Related Events

The Trade Union and Employment Forum's Convenors also attend a number of conferences and events organised by people involved with and active in the union movement. Where appropriate, we publish records of these events and our contribution on this site.

The future of UK labour law

Four experts from the academic history and policy making fields explore how the entire framework of labour law in Britain might be revisited following Britain's departure from the EU.

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The rise and fall of British shipbuilding from the 1870s

Dr Alastair J. Reid of Girton College, Cambridge, and Dr Stephen Mustchin of the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester discussed long-term trends and specific industrial disputes in this once great British industry.

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Trade Union Rights: Why is Britain always different - and always worse?

Among the speakers at the Forum's first TUC fringe event were Keith Ewing, Professor of Public Law at King's College London, Sarah Veale, head of equality and employment rights TUC, John Monks (Lord Monks of Blackley), former General Secretary TUC, and Jim Moher former national official CWU and TGWU.

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Wapping and the role of Murdoch reconsidered in international context

Journalists and union representatives from Britain and Germany reflected on the impact of the Wapping Dispute.

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Future unions: challenges and strategy

John Monks (Lord Monks of Blackley), former TUC General Secretary TUC and Unions21 Board Member, drew on unions' rich history to suggest how they could renew their strength and face the challenges of the 21st century.

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