What can policy makers learn from the pre-modern perspective?

Take any deep-rooted argument about nature, identity, nationalism and the like. Contemporary political ideology often grounds its authority through either a claim to radical novelty, or an assumption of what is ‘natural’ or ‘traditional’. Only through a long view can these claims be successfully critiqued”, John Arnold, Why history matters - and why medieval history also matters.

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Policy Papers

‘The Steady State’? Trump, administration insiders and the lessons of medieval England

A well-meaning administration trying to hold governance together in the face of capriciousness at the top has one of its most instructive parallels in the late medieval English polity, as Andrew Spencer shows.

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Why history matters - and why medieval history also matters

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Opinion Articles

Where there is wine there is a way: lessons from ‘Brexit-like’ events in the medieval and early modern period

Brexit may seem unprecented, but 'Brexit-like' disruptions to trade (i.e. wars) occurred in the medieval and early modern periods. What did they mean for trade, supply and pricing?

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Does the Civil War really have anything to do with Brexit?

Most states have a clear "moment of creation" for their constitutions. Michael Braddick shows that the UK is the exception - and that this is key to understanding current debate.

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Pubs have a role to play in the Government’s loneliness strategy

Mark Hailwood highlights the historic role of pubs within the community - arguing that the Government's loneliness strategy would benefit from the positve contributions pubs can make with regards to social interaction.

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