Department for Education series 1, 2011-12

Young people... yesterday: Andrew Davies, Selina Todd
January 2012

  • Andrew Davies, University of Liverpool, Historical perspectives on youth, gangs and violence: presentation slides [pdf, 396kb]
  • Selina Todd, St Hilda's College, Oxford, Employment, education and aspiration - youth participation, 1918-2011: presentation slides [pdf, 173kb]

A history of the family and family policy: Pat Thane, John Welshman
November 2011

Histories of childhood: Hugh Cunningham, Maria Luddy, Mathew Thomson
October 2011

  • Hugh Cunningham, University of Kent, A right to childhood?: presentation text [pdf, 53kb] and presentation slides [pdf, 330kb]
  • Mathew Thomson, University of Warwick, Child rights, wellbeing and the balance between freedom and protection in postwar Britain: presentation text [pdf, 136kb]

Early days in early years: John Stewart, Pat Thane, Mathew Thomson
October 2011

  • John Stewart, Glasgow Caledonian University, 'The dangerous age of childhood': child guidance in Britain, c.1918-1955: presentation text [pdf, 171kb]
  • Pat Thane, King's College London, The history of early years child care: presentation text [pdf, 112kb]
  • Mathew Thomson, University of Warwick, Bowlbyism and the postwar settlement: presentation text [pdf, 136kb]


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