Trade Union Forum

H&P's Trade Union Forum meets several times a year, bringing together trade unionists with professional historians and other interested groups. It considers trade union issues against their historical background, exploring different perspectives on the past and the present in order to suggest new lines of policy for the future.

Previous discussions include: the history of the trade union levy and political funding today; the history of apprentice militancy and New Labour's Modern Apprentices scheme; and participants' reflections on the implications of the 'coup' over Europe at the 1988 Trades Union Congress. A current strand of discussions is exploring the historical relationship between trade unions and each of the three main political parties.

The Trade Union Forum also organizes sessions at other conferences, including a session on industrial democracy and the Bullock Report at the Centre for Contemporary British History's summer conference in 2010 and a break-out session on trade unions and 'The Big Society' at the Unions 21 annual conference in 2011.

We are always keen to hear from potential participants, co-organizers and sponsors. If you or your organization would like to be involved, please contact one of the convenors.