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Women Against State Pension Inequality: a distraction from deeper problems

The campaign group Women Against State Pension Inequality argue that discrimination against a generation of women has taken place. Hugh Pemberton suggests this may be a distraction from the deeper and broader problems with the pension system.

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Merging emergency services: is the Government wielding the axe on Britain’s fire and rescue service?

Government cost-cutting measures propose merging police forces and fire and rescue services. Shane Ewen looks at the historical record of such experiments.

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No glass ceiling for female officers

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Margaret Thatcher, individualism and the welfare state

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The spirit of ‘45

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Superhumans or scroungers? Disability past and present

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‘Responsible capitalism’: a return to ‘moral economy’ in England?

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Get local: riots, youth and community

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History suggests that Scandinavian policies will be lost in translation

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Cameron and the renewal of the ‘property-owning democracy’

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