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H&P encourages historians to use their expertise to shed light on issues of the day. If you are interested in submitting an opinion piece for publication, please see our editorial guidelines. We currently have 255 Opinion Articles listed by date and they are all freely searchable by theme, author or keyword.

Counting up Down Under: AV and Australia

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All at sea with no biscuit? Duchy Originals, female heirs and the British throne

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If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it

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Why Labour is the people’s party

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What’s new about Clegg’s ‘new progressivism’?

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Does delaying the State Opening of Parliament matter?

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The ‘Great’ Reform Act of 1832: Clegg’s unfortunate parallel

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Nick Clegg and the not-so-great 1832 Reform Act

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If Cameron is the new Baldwin, where does this leave Clegg?

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A Conservative - Labour coalition?

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