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Rugby: Injury, Risk, Public Debate and History

Drawing on original archival research, Saracens F.C. club historians Colin Veitch and Tom Weir add a historical perspective to contemporary debates on injury risk in rugby.

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Kitchen sink theology for a troubled world

Dr Alana Harris examines the Pope's Amoris Laetitia and asks what these can teach us about the evolution of the Catholic Church.

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An Illegitimate Archbishop

Ann Lyon explores the historical implications of the recent revelations regarding Archbishop Justin Welby's paternity. 

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Childcare funding in times of Austerity: Historical lessons for the Childcare Bill 2015-2016

Dr Angela Davis examines funding for childcare in previous times of austerity and draws historical lessons for the Childcare Bill 2015-16

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Councils and Synods: Reforming the Catholic Church in the digital age

Dr. Alana Harris looks at the developments of the recent Synod of the Family and shows how the institution can revitalise itself to make it relevant for the Digital Age.

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‘These outrages are going on more than people know’

Concern about child sex abuse, and attempts to prevent it, have a long history, argue Dr Adrian Bingham, Dr Lucy Delap, Dr Louise Jackson and Dr Louise Settle.

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Children and notions of ‘the future’

The cliché that 'children are the future' is true. They bear the burden of society's expectations and have been used to imagine and promote adults' ideas of the future. What are the consequences for children today? 

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Teaching fathers to be ‘involved’

A new scheme to encourage fathers to become more 'involved' with their children is not new, relies on misplaced notions of a 'golden age' of stable, nuclear families, and the 'feckless' father stereotype, argue Dr Laura King and Dr Julie-Marie Strange.  

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The marrying kind? Marriage, freedom and the state in modern Britain

Love can bloom in myriad forms in 21st century Britain. In 2014 same-sex marriage was legalised and forced marriage criminalised. Is freedom of choice in marriage the touchstone of a tolerant society? Dr Julia Moses, of Sheffield University, explores the complex and often conflicting relationship between individual freedoms and state regulation of the family, revealing changing ideas and rules about marriage in Britain since the 16th century. 

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‘Children’ and the nanny state: shifting the boundaries of adolescence

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