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What does British imperial economic history tell us about the future of UK-EU trading relations?

David Clayton lays out the options for Britain’s post-Brexit trading relations, and assesses the preferred option in the light of imperial economic history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Privilege in the Twenty-First Century: The Threat of Offshore Finance to Democratic Cohesion

With the Panama Papers database being made public, André Vitória & Ronald Kroeze explore how regulators throughout history have grappled with offshore financing.

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The historical lessons for income tax policy

Rather than unilaterally imposing new taxes on the wealthy, Isabela Mares and Didac Queralt argue that history shows income tax has previously been used to keep them on board.

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Taxing wealth

If inequality of wealth is a genuine political concern, there are fairer ways of addressing it than a 'mansion tax', argues Professor Martin Chick, in an opinion piece co-published with openDemocracy.

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Deprivation of Honours: a brief history

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The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement: one step forward

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Can the Great Depression help us fight the Great Recession?

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Back to the future?  Austerity in 1931 and 2011

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Crowding out

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History offers no route-map: these spending cuts have no precedent

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