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Music education and the abuse of young people: historians and sociologists meet music policymakers

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A collaboration between H&P historian Dr Lucy Delap (Cambridge University), sociologist Dr Anna Bull (King’s College London) and historical musicologist Dr Ian Pace (City University) led to an intensive workshop, held on Sept 15th 2015 at the Institute of Musical Research, presenting and discussing recent research into child sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Representatives of the specialist music schools, conservatoires and national youth music organisations reflected on research into the history and cultural context of abuse in music education, and debated best practice in pedagogy and safeguarding.  The findings of the ESRC funded project Historicising ‘historical’ Child Sexual Abuse provided the wider context in thinking through these issues. Geoff Baker, Director of the Institute of Musical Research, commented ‘The workshop touched on some of the most important issues in music education.  The discussion suggested ways in which looking at the history of music institutions, as well as their current best practice, can help us understand and root out abuse.'

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