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H&P Director to help develop a “virtual archive” for Office of the Prime Minister

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PHOTO: Number 10 Downing Street

Dr. Andrew Blick, Director of History & Policy, is leading a project developing an electronic ‘virtual archive’ for the office of the Prime Minister, No.10 Downing Street. Dr. Blick and two Institute of Contemporary British History MA graduates, Ryan McCullough and Callum Scowen, are creating an electronic resource providing links to online catalogues for the personal papers of every British Prime Minister since Sir Robert Walpole. The entry for each Prime Minister also includes details of key secondary and primary sources, and links to residences with which individual premiers are connected.

Dr. Blick said: ‘For those who want to research the history of British prime ministers, a rich variety of archival material exists. However, it is spread across a diverse range of collections and geographical locations. The purpose of this project is to collate an account of the principal sources in a single place, and provide immediate links to the relevant archives, alongside other pertinent information. No.10 itself is the perfect institution for which to undertake this work.’

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