H&P has prepared a glossary to explain historical terms that are not in common use today. This is designed for readers of H&P's policy papers, opinion articles and Number 10 guest historian features, as well as students, journalists and policy makers.

All entries have been prepared by the editors of H&P's Number 10 guest historian series: Whitfield prize-winner Dr Ben Griffin and Dr Andrew Thompson of Cambridge University and Dr Andrew Blick, of King's College London.



A follower of the exiled Stuart family. The Glorious Revolution (1688) removed James II from the English throne and replaced him with his daughter and son-in-law, Mary II and William III. James went into exile and sought the support of other European states to return him to power. His son, James III (the Old Pretender), led an uprising against the new Hanoverian monarchy in 1715 and his grandson, Charles III (the Young Pretender), led a further unsuccessful rebellion in 1745.

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