H&P has prepared a glossary to explain historical terms that are not in common use today. This is designed for readers of H&P's policy papers, opinion articles and Number 10 guest historian features, as well as students, journalists and policy makers.

All entries have been prepared by the editors of H&P's Number 10 guest historian series: Whitfield prize-winner Dr Ben Griffin and Dr Andrew Thompson of Cambridge University and Dr Andrew Blick, of King's College London.


General warrants

A device used to arrest those thought to be associated with an offence, without specifying particular individuals. John Wilkes, who published a number of attacks on Lord Bute's ministry in the early 1760s, was arrested under a general warrant against 'the authors, printers and publishers' of issue 45 of the North Briton. Although he was convicted of seditious libel, Lord Chief Justice Mansfield subsequently declared general warrants illegal.

Grand Tour

A trip undertaken by members of the elite to broaden educational horizons. In the eighteenth century, a Grand Tour increasingly came to be undertaken instead of, or in addition to, attending university. Young men (and some women) would be accompanied around Europe by experienced guides, often armed with guidebooks about what they should see. Routes varied but most ended in Italy where it was possible to view the wonders of the classical world first hand.

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