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Commonwealth Trade after Brexit: historical reflections

As the UK seeks a new place in the global economy post-Brexit, the Commonwealth of Nations is often touted as a possible alternative. In a week in which Commonwealth leaders meet the Commonwealth Trade Conference, historians, policy makers and other experts met at King's College London for a small roundtable discussion to consider the potential of Commonwealth economic relations in historical perspective. 

Short papers were given by the speakers followed by an open discussion.

CHAIR: Dr Ruth Craggs, Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Geography, King's College London


Tim Hewish, Director of Policy & Research, The Royal Commonwealth Society and Co-Founder, Commonwealth Exchange

Dr Surender Munjal, Director, James E. Lynch India and South Asia Business Centre, University of Leeds

Dr Jon Wilson, Reader in Modern History, King's College London

Other attendees came from the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, the High Commission for Canada, the London Chamber of Commerce, the Ramphal Institute and the London School of Business and Management. The event was organised by Dr Andrew Dilley of the Global Economics and History Forum. 

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