Environment Forum

History & Policy's Environment Forum aims to bring scholars, policy makers and civil society practitioners together to better understand and discuss environmental history and its implications for current policy concerns.

Environmental historians are welcome to join the forum, which intends to cover a range of research areas, periods and policy issues, encompassing land use and management, climate change, biodiversity and conservation, the rise of the global environmental movement, notions of expertise and public perceptions of and responses to environmental issues.

A particular focus is the relationship between the environmental sciences and environmental policy, especially the status of predictions, and their implications for our perception of the environment and environmental problems.

The forum is directed by Dr Paul Warde, Reader in Early Modern History at the University of East Anglia and a senior editor at H&P.

Trees to cherish: connecting history, policy and future

10 January 2014

Historians, civil society practitioners and local authority representatives concerned with Britain's woodlands and the heritage of special trees came together to exchange perspectives in order, ultimately, to improve the management and protection of woods and particular, cherished, trees. Two overarching questions permeated the workshop: what do practitioners think academics should know? What research would be useful to practitioners?

Enabled by the AHRC and with support from the National Trust and Woodland Trust, the workshop attracted participants from English Heritage, Natural England, Forest Research, the Forestry Commission, Ancient Tree Forum, City of London Forest (Epping), and Barrell Tree Consultancy. Read the report

Valuing nature: inaugural meeting of the Environment Forum

16 November 2012

This event attracted historians, civil servants and civil society representatives who discussed how people have valued nature in different ways over time. What values have shaped policy in the past, and with what results? Read the report

We are always keen to hear from new participants and possible sponsors of the Environment Forum. Please contact Paul Warde (p.warde@uea.ac.uk) for more information.

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