Election 2010

H&P supports a network of over 250 historians, who are willing and able to comment on current policy issues. On this page you will find historians' responses to developments during the general election campaign and to the politics and policies of the new coalition government.

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On this page you will find:

Policy papers

Rapid responses

Historians provide rapid comment during the election campaign and the early days of the new government:

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H&P opinion pieces

Historians write exclusively for the H&P website on the election campaign and its aftermath:

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Opinion pieces in the media

Articles by historians published in the media:

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Political history forum

A group of expert political historians is now available to provide comment on a range of key issues ahead of, during and immediately after the General Election, including:

  • Electoral reform
  • Hung parliaments
  • Election campaigning
  • Public engagement with politics
  • Candidate selection
  • Cabinet appointments and coalition governments

For more information on the forum, and for details of how to contact a historian, please see our press note.

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