H&P monitors and evaluates its work with policy makers and shapers to help us understand what has worked and why, what has been less successful, and how we can improve our services.

In 2014 Dr Christopher Knowles, a Visiting Research Associate at ICBH, reviewed how H&P assesses its events in government. H&P has organised seminar series in Whitehall since 2010. Currently our flagship series operate in HM Treasury and the Home Office.

Among the recommendations of Dr Knowles’ review was a series of case studies to illustrate the breadth of H&P’s activities and types of impact.

History & Policy has monitored and evaluated its work in various ways since the project's inception. In 2014 Dr Christopher Knowles, a Visiting Fellow at ICBH and H&P member, undertook to review a key aspect of our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) programme: how we assess our events in government. Working in a voluntary capacity, Dr Knowles produced an executive summary and, in response, to the findings, began creating a series of case studies.

These case studies feature both historians' policy engagement and policy makers' interactions with historians. They are designed to offer insights into the why historians and civil servants want to engage and exchange, the various ways in which they do that, their perceptions of the process, what they learn from it, and how others can learn from their experiences. These case studies also offer the casual reader a greater insight into H&P's activities and impacts.

The review of H&P events in government and case study library builds on earlier phases of our M&E programme. The first piece of research, in 2010, involved detailed interviews with 28 member historians. The second, in 2011, focused on policy makers and journalists. In 2011 and 2013 H&P held policy seminars to discuss the findings of these surveys with our stakeholders and to gather ideas to make historians’ engagement with policy makers and the media more effective.

About Us

H&P is an expanding Partnership based at King's College London and the University of Cambridge, and additionally supported by the University of Bristol, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Leeds, the Open University, and the University of Sheffield.

We are the only project in the UK providing access to an international network of more than 500 historians with a broad range of expertise. H&P offers a range of resources for historians, policy makers and journalists.

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